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Mount and Balance Tire Repair

  • Changeover to winter or summer tires.
  • Increase vehicle traction in severe road conditions.
  • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.

  • Valve Stem Replacement (non-TPMS)
  • Grind and Apply Bead Sealant (If Required)
  • Install Four Tires on Rims
  • Dynamic Tire Balance
  *$33.75 per Tire
  *Price may vary on tire fittment and size.

  • Alternative to purchasing a new tire.
  • Plug and/or Patch Repair
  • Valve Stem Replacement (non-TPMS)
  • Grind and Apply Bead Sealant (If Required)
  • Tire Balance
  *TPMS Seal Kit extra.
Starting from... $135 Starting from... $50

Seasonal Changeover Tire Rotation

  • Swap-over to wheel assemblies with tires that are more appropriate for the current season.

  • Seasonal change-over of wheels from previous season to current.

  • Extend tire lifespan.

  • Rotate tires with more tread depth to primary drive wheels.
Starting from... $50 Starting from... $30

Wheel Alignment Wheel and Tire Storage

  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Decreased tire wear.
  • Improved vehicle stability.
  • 4-Wheel Computerized Alignment w/John Bean Optical Aligner
  • Vehicle Road Test
  *Other modifications extra.

  • No need to haul your tires and/or wheels to and from the shop.
  • Secure indoor storage.

  • Indoor Storage of your Winter or Summer Tires and Wheels
  • 6 Months Included
Starting from... $135 Starting from... $60

Wheel Balance Winter Tire Studding

  • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.
  • Improve vehicle stability at highway speeds.

  • Four Tire Wheel Balance
  • Wheel Weights

  • Increased traction on icy road conditions.
  • Decreased stopping distance on ice.

  • Four Tire Studding
  *New winter tires only.
Starting from... $80 Starting from... $80 + Studs

Additional Services
  • New Tire Install and Balance
  • Customer Supplied Tire Install and Balance
  • Light Truck Tire Service
  • Passenger Car Tire Service
  • Spare Tire Wheel Hoist Replacement
  • SUV Tire Service
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Diagnostics
  • TPMS Re-Learn
  • TPMS Sensor Replacement
  • Trailer Tire Replacement
  • Van Tire Service
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement
  • Wheel Seal Replacement
  • Wheel Stud Replacement
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Complementary Courtesy Service
Been a while since your last visit? We'd be happy to include the following with any service:
  • Battery Test
  • Drive Belt Inspection
  • Engine Air Filter Inspection
  • Exterior Light Check
  • Fault Code Scan
  • Tire Pressure Adjustment
  • Underhood Fluids Inspection
  • Washer Fluid Top-up
  • Wiper Blade Check

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